There’s Just One Thing As Easy As The Simple Snap iPhone 7 Screen Protector

TL;DR: Simple Snap screen protectors and their lauded easy installation are the real deal — and worth the premium — despite my struggles.

This was an interesting review for me. I recently switched back to an iPhone after a few months with the Google Pixel (review coming soon), and like I do with all new phones, I ordered a couple of cheap screen protectors from Amazon because my kids are wildly unpredictable and vicious with technology (like all kids, I think).

I’m a big fan of Omoton mainly because I’ve found success with them and I can always get like 2 protectors for $7. It’s all tempered glass, but when it comes to installation, that’s what varies. I like the ones that give you “hinge” stickers.

To my surprise, the Omoton protectors gave me the dreaded “halo effect.” That’s a cool way of saying the edges wouldn’t stick down. When it comes to new phones, a lot of them have slightly curved screens, making it harder and harder to get the installation of these correct within the millimeter, but it’s not impossible.

So I set out to review a bunch of screen protectors, and I reached out to Simple Snap for a sample, which they were happy to provide. Read on to find out why this review — and the other protectors — shook me to the core.


Like most tempered glass protectors, the Simple Snap is precision cut to fit whatever your phone model is. I’m currently using an iPhone 7, so that’s what I had sent. It honestly look and feels like other glass screen protectors, so the design perks lie elsewhere.

The best part of the Simple Snap is the installation. The protectors come attached to plastic scaffolding that fit around your device perfectly, so all you have to do is align, peel off, and press down. Seriously, it’s that easy and the “click” or “snap” (get it?) that comes from the protector releasing from the scaffolding is sooooo satisfying.

Here’s the video I took so you can see exactly what I mean:



But wait, did you watch the video the whole way? What did you notice?

The halo effect, once again.



I tried everything I could find online to defeat the halo effect, and it would not work. Heat, vaseline, you name it, I tried it. So I contacted Simple Snap to see what’s up and if that’s normal sometimes for their product.

Of course it isn’t. But that brought me to the second easiest thing about Simple Snap: their customer service.

Right away they asked for proof — but it wasn’t like they thought I was lying, it felt more like they wanted to help troubleshoot. When I provided pictures, they sent me TWO new units to try again.

Here’s my second attempt:

The halo effect, once again.

Look, I’ve installed a hundred of these things using less easier methods, so by this time I’m suspecting it’s my phone. So I ordered two other brands: MaxBoost and Anker. Both are handsome, but all of them also gave me the halo effect.


That’s right: eight screen protectors gave me the same results. Conclusion? My phone’s screen is flawed.

To test this, I installed that final extra Simple Snap on my sister’s iPhone 6s. Watch:



Simple Snap isn’t the cheapest screen protector on the market, but it is without a doubt the easiest to install. And if you don’t want the frustration that might come with other brands, the extra money is worth it — especially because the Simple Snap customer service is top notch and responsive as well.

We definitely recommend it. You can get one for $39.99 on their site here.

Also, remember: when it comes to screen protectors, some don’t make the cut. Choose wisely.

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