Simple Snap Edge-To-Edge Protector: Handsome & Easy, But Didn’t Solve My Problem

TL;DR: The Simple Snap Edge-to-Edge glass screen protector for the iPhone 7 is handsome, functional, easy to install, and doesn’t fix my dumb phone.

Note: GoGoDadget received a Simple Snap Edge-to-Edge glass screen protector for the iPhone 7 free of charge in exchange for a brutally honest review, which is about to be read by you.

There’s a flaw in my iPhone 7 screen and it’s driving me nuts.

Usually the first thing I do when I get a new phone is put a glass screen protector on it, because I have kids and kids can be downright jerks to phones with even the slightest change in the wind. I have been through TEN (10) screen protectors now, from different companies, and all of them have the Halo Effect, where the edges rise up around the sides of the protector and refuse to adhere.

The bubbling looks awful and it drives me mad. And my phone feels so naked.

In my previous review of a Simple Snap product, they were even kind enough to send me replacements to their initial shipment so I could try again. When I finally used a different phone, there were zero issues and everything was amazing.

They floated the idea to me that maybe, just maybe, their Edge-to-Edge version of their product might solve the issue. Instead of stopping to the sides of the visible screen, these protectors cover it all, including the top and bottom near the home button and earpiece.

Did it work? No. But it did help a little bit.


The Simple Snap Edge-to-Edge screen protector is mostly glass, but the top and bottom are a matte plastic that looks pretty sharp on the phone, I must admit.

Having tried Peel’s garbage version of the same idea (their product had glass tops and bottoms attempting to disappear into the design of the phone, making it super brittle), I was really surprised at how great it looked and how durable Simple Snap’s take was.

Installation went as smooth as before, too: you clean your phone, hover the protector and scaffolding, peel off the back, press down and snap it off. Love it. Worth the extra $$ instead of buying those two-for-$7 ones from Amazon.

It just didn’t work for me. I am an anomaly.


To my dismay, the Halo Effect returned. This, again, was not Simple Snap’s fault in the slightest — it’s 100% my screen. Both of the protectors they sent did the same thing, but with one difference: the Halo Effect only affected the sides of my screen, not the top and bottom.

Attempt One:

Progress, I suppose! Still, it didn’t look great, but I did keep it on for the duration of the review so I could attest to the rest of the quality of the product.

Attempt Two:

It’s a top notch protector with the easiest installation. Can’t say much more about that.


I should have kept my iPhone 7 Plus from last year. I’ve been doing some phone gymnastics for the sake of reviews, and in the end I truly missed iMessage so I ended back at the smaller iPhone 7 model. What a mistake that was, now that I know my screen is flawed.

As for the product, and the customer support, Simple Snap is the real deal. They’re the easiest installation by far. The product is durable, handsome, and Simple Snap is really kind when it comes to dealing with them.

You can get the Simple Snap Edge-to-Edge iPhone 7 Screen Protector directly from their site, here, for $49.99  at the time of writing this — and make sure you do because getting it directly from them is the only way they can honor the warranty.

Now, whether or not to pay the money to replace my screen, just to protect it…

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