Go Go Dadget is about usability, not an obsession with specs.

Picture this:

You just put the kids down to bed, and you're looking for the damn cord to charge your phone in your house's local junk drawer, or the drawer you keep your extra keys and sunglasses and stuff, and as you search you stumble upon an Amazon gift card that you forgot you won at your office's holiday party last year. It doesn't look like it's been used, and you've never really had the time to use it, but you do now.

You log on to Amazon and try and think of things you need. You're good on a lot of stuff already, but you could use it to order some toilet paper or gifts for your kid's friends' birthday next month... or you could treat yourself. As a parent, treating yourself is a little different. While hell yes it's nice to get new things, those new things need to be useful and not entirely frivolous. Maybe a mid-range new phone? You could use it to take pictures of your family outings, to call the poison control hotline, or share fake news on Facebook! So many things, so many great reasons to treat yourself. You start searching. 

Fifteen minutes go by and now you have about eleven tabs open. You're drowning in spec comparisons.

That's where we step in. We're a destination aiming to help you find reviews based on everyday, normal-ass use. That means less focus on specs (though we have some of those too) and more on whether or not something sucks from day to day — or enhances your life like never before.

Welcome to GoGoDadget, where we understand that technology is only great and cool when it's working and doesn't ruin your day.

-Brian, Founder of GoGoDadget.com 

Meet the Team! Or don't, whatever, it's up to you.

Brian Barnes 

Founder/Executive Editor

Hey. I'm Brian. I've been all over the internet for almost a decade, like when I was a Senior Editor for Perez Hilton or the Managing Editor for 1stSlice.com. As a dad who loves technology, it hit me that I really didn't enjoy reading many reviews online because I kept wanting everyone to get to the point and let me know if something would be useful to me in everyday life. In reality, I'm a huge nerd that absolutely loves  technical specs, but I know a lot of everyday, normal-ish people that couldn't care less.

So I decided to create GoGoDadget.com for them.

Also I swear to God I'm not secretly a ghost trying to get your IP so I can travel through the web to haunt you.



Chelsea Perrotty

Senior content producer / editor

Chelsea is a person and sometimes she has hopes and dreams but mostly nightmares and fears. This is what it says on her Twitter profile: I like to smile. I write things. Proud Feminist. Writer & Interviewer. Big Nerd.

Brad Fox

Editor / Cool Guy Dad Man

Brad has yet to supply me with an "About" blurb for himself, or a picture, so I guess just know that he's a dad and he likes technology a lot and that he'll be contributing when he can.