QUICK REVIEW: The Caudabē Synthesis Adds Bulk & Protection — Is It Too Much?

Caudabē makes one of my absolute favorite iPhone 7 Plus cases: the Sheath. In my review of the Sheath, I pretty much called it the perfect phone case, and that still hasn’t changed — it offers great protection at a low profile.

The Caudabē Synthesis builds on that, adding more protection, which is great, but the cost is that it becomes a little bulkier. That being said, does that mean I don’t recommend it? Let’s find out.


I recently spoke with someone who brought up Peel (our review here), and how they liked that Peel didn’t put their branding on their cases. The minimalist in me loves that, but the pessimist in me just thinks they’re saving cost and making a cheaper product and selling it to you at the same price.

Caudabē does have branding, and they way it’s displayed near the bottom edge is as unobtrusive and unassuming as it can get. I feel like both the consumer and the brand wins in that case.

As for the Caudabē Synthesis itself, it’s a more rigid, bulkier cousin of the Sheath. It trades the rubberiness for sturdiness, and offers much more protection and cushion against drops and falls (or, in my 19-month-old’s case, throws). The best part about this is that it’s not overwhelmingly bulkier. If I were to go hiking with my kids, I’d rather slap one of these on my phone that something minimalist.

It’s a great compromise between looks and protection, because it does not go full Otterbox. If you’ve read any of our reviews before, you know that Otterbox is the example we give for ultimate protection and ultimate eye sores.

All of the cutouts for switches, charging, and speakers are precise and protective, and there really isn’t much more to say about that. I actually really dig how the lens cutout looks (below). You can also get it in plenty of colors like the rest of Caudabē’s offerings: Black, Grey, Stealth Black, Red (pictured), Navy, and Lilac.


At $25.95 – $23.95, the Caudabē Synthesis is priced very, very sweetly. It’s a little bulky to be my daily driver, especially when the Sheath gives me plenty of protection, but it would be essential for venturing out into rougher territory, like hikes or parks that only have concrete.

If you’re terrible at keeping your devices safe and your kids love to toss them around, this is the way to go for that peace of mind.

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